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Whether its preventive care, anti-aging strategies, weight loss, injury, or illness, you can come to us as your primary resource.

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Who We Are

At Wilkes Family Medicine your wellness is our passion! We always strive to be the best teammate and advisor we can be in order to achieve and maintain our patient’s healthcare goals.

What Patients Are Saying

Dr. Wilkes and his staff are extremely professional and pleasant. From the first time I called, to when I left the office, I really felt like they cared about me and my medical concerns. I would recommend Wilkes Family Medicine to anyone in need of a Doctor.

Jan K.

The first thing I noticed about this practice was how modern and clean their office is. I felt comfortable and confident right away as I was greeted and checked in. Dr. Wilkes has a kind and calming bedside manner that is not commonly found. I am thankful to have found a good Family Physician.


I was referred to Dr. Wilkes by a friend. Dr. Wilkes’s office is new and inviting. The office staff is friendly and will answer any questions upon arrival. Dr Wilkes makes you feel very comfortable in his office and is in no rush to race through the examination process. He is thorough, listens to my concerns, and answered all my questions which is the sign of a great Dr. I’m not the type of person who looks forward to visiting the doctor, but Dr. Wilkes and his staff do a great job of making this a pleasurable experience. I will definitely refer all my friends and family to Dr. Wilkes and his practice.

Zach B.
Thank you for taking time away from your practice to come and talk with our students here at Conejo Valley High School. We are so fortunate to be in a community where people like you share their career pursuits with the young people who are trying to decide what path to take after high school. It was a pleasure to meet you and I wish you the best in your medical practice. I will recommend you any time the opportunity arises.
Dixie Burton

We really appreciate your service to our country and how you’ve given back to our community. Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to visit my boy scout troop and share with us your journey from high school to present day. Many of the boys attending your presentation are currently in high school with undecided career goals desiring to find a fulfilling life. Due to your inspirational presentation Monday night two high school students are now considering serving in the NAVY as a doctor while another is evaluating ROTC.xt.

Scoutmaster Dave
Dr. Wilkes made two distinct presentations at Cypress Elementary: one to parents and one to students. Dr. Wilkes talked to parents about keeping children healthy over the summer months. Many parents stated afterwards that his presentation was informative and they appreciated Cypress Boosters for providing this valuable information to them.
When speaking to a group of gifted students of various ages, Dr. Wilkes shared personal stories and motivated the students to think about careers in the medical field for themselves. He gave tghem real life examples of how he had accomplished goals and decided to be a physician. Dr. Wilkes’ clam and personable manner made it easy for the students to relate to him and comfortable for them to ask questions. Not often do students hear about the career paths of a professional in their own community. They learned about the hard work, struggles and dedication that lead to Dr. Wilkes’ career. I am grateful to Dr. Wilkes for sharing his knowledge and experiences with the Cypress community.
Judie Tezlaff

How We Can Help

We offer full spectrum primary care medicine, including everything from women’s and men’s health, pediatrics, sports medicine, and geriatrics. Whether its preventive care, anti-aging strategies, weight loss, injury, or illness, you can come to us as your primary resource.

Your Health & Wellness Are Among the Most Important Aspects of Your Well-Being.